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The present document contains the basic conditions of the FBO and handling services provided by INTERNACIONAL EJECUTIVA DE AVIACIÓN S.A.S., (hereinafter “INTEREJECUTIVA” or “IEA”), which are understood as known and accepted for the Client when subscribing the corresponding order of service.

1. IEA commits to THE CLIENT to provide in their facilities located in the José María Cordoba Airport in Rionegro (“the Hangar”), in relation with THE CLIENT´S aircraft, the FBO and handling service. IEA pledges directly, with their own staff, equipment and with full administrative, technical and financing autonomy, to proportionate the services with the required conditions.

2. The services that IEA will be able to proportion in virtue of this Order of Services will be done in the extent that they are requested expressly by THE CLIENT in the Service Request Format FBO.

3. THE CLIENT it´s obliged to:

3.1. Inform IEA through the Service Request Format FBO, whit a minimal anticipation of 24 hours the requested services, the date and hour of arrival and departure from the Hangar.

3.2. THE CLIENT must meet all the requirements stablished by the Aeronautical Authority, Customs (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales – DIAN), Anti- narcotics (Policía Nacional – Dirección Antinarcóticos), airport police (Policía Aeroportuaria) and Migración Colombia for the departures or arrivals of domestic and international flights. In addition, THE CLIENT will have to prepare and present by it´s officials and crew, the respective plan flights before the Colombian Aeronautical Authority (UAEAC).

3.3. According to the Colombian Aeronautical Regulations RAC 91 appendix 25, foreign aircrafts of general aviation (non-commercial) shall require special authorization for entry and stay in Colombian territory where they are to remain for more than 48 hours in Colombia or when they have to fly to an airport within the national territory other than the entrance airport. Therefore, it is THE CLIENT´S (Aircraft Operator) responsibility to manage such formalities with the competent authority.

3.4. THE CLIENT must keep current all the certificates, insurance policies, permits and licenses required by the corresponding Aeronautical Authority for the aircraft´s operation.

4. The payment for the supplied services by IEA must be done at the latest in the next eight (8) days to the reception of the bill, to the account number determined by IEA.

4.1. In case of delays or non-payment, will apply the default interests equivalent to the maximum rate stablished by the colombian law.

5. The duration of the services referred in this document will depend on the permanence time of the aircraft in the Hangar.

6. Both IEA and THE CLIENT undertake to respect the safety rules stablished in the Colombian Aeronautical Regulations (RAC) and other current dispositions, as well as the imparted standards by the Aeronautical Authority, AIRPLAN and other applicable rules to the civil aviation in Colombia (Applicable Rules), and all policies stablished by IEA inside their installations and in relation to the operations made from and to the Hangar.

7. THE CLIENT must provide to IEA the updated information related with their staff, crew, officials and passengers, in the terms and conditions that INTEREJECUTIVA requires.

8. IEA reserves the right of admission to the Hangar regarding passengers and crew of the aircrafts to which provides services, in case that their presence or actuation puts in danger the safety of the goods or the staff of IEA or when security policies or standards stablished by IEA are not complied with, in which case, it may prevent the entry or request the abandonment of the Hangar.

9. IEA may subcontract with third parties, any of the agreed services in this order, without requiring authorization from THE CLIENT.

10. IEA expressly manifests that is not liable for THE CLIENT´S luggage during the provision of the services here agreed, nor for the content of it.

11. If during the reception or stay of the Aircraft in the Hangar FBO service provider, or during the provision of any ongoing service, the IEA technical maintenance staff came to notice any evidence of damage to the Aircraft, such as structural blows, leaks from fuel, hydraulic oil fluids, or some other evidence involving the need to take corrective action for the correct operation of the Aircraft; the technical staff will provide appropriate feedback to the crew of the Aircraft, but is not authorized to repair or intervene in the respective corrective actions of these types of discoveries.

11.1. The handling of the above eventualities will be of total responsibility of the Aircraft Operator and will be registered in the Record Attention FBO Format with the respective signature of the person informed by the Aircraft crew.

11.2. If the Aircraft Operator does not perform the respective actions to ensure the proper functioning of the Aircraft, and such omission prevents the effective provision of the services provided by IEA, it is not obliged to provide the contracted services until the above recommendation has been complied with and this does not lead to any failure from IEA’s part to provide the service.

12. THE CLIENT will be liable for the damages and detriments that will occur for malicious or guilty conducts of their staff, crew, dependents and passengers during the development of the service provided by IEA, as well as any action our omission that violates any rule, regulation or law.

13. THE CLIENT is forced to constitute and maintain current their aviation policies (hull, liability, among others) during the execution time of the service here hired.

14. The service hired may end, by mutual agreement of the parties or for breach of the obligations here stablished by any of the parties. Also, for incurring in any of the actions described in paragraph 16 of this document.

15. THE CLIENT will be responsible for the taxes, rates and contributions of territorial, national and international order which take place and to which they are entitled to contribute.

16. The parties declare that: (i) they do not engage in fraud, bribery and or corruption related proceedings, (ii) they do not engage in illegal activities, (iii) they shall not use the other partie or the commercial relation with the other partie to engage illegal activities or related with fraud, bribery and or corruption, (iv) shall comply with all the current and applicable national and international standards, the requirements and orders made by the competent authority in matters of prevention, administration and control of the risk of fraud, bribery and corruption, (v) the resources, monies, goods or assets (jointly assets) related with the provided service have a legal origin and are not linked to the laundering of assets or either of their source crimes, (vi) the provided services won’t be destined to the financing of criminal conducts, according to the current penal rules, (vii) THE CLIENT, its directors, shareholders, associates or employees (jointly Related Parties), haven’t been included in national and international control lists regarding the risk of laundering of assets and financing of terrorism, among them the OFAC list, (viii) among the activities carried out by THE CLIENT, he doesn’t incur in any illegal activities covered by the Colombian Penal Code or any other rule that modifies or adds it.

17. IEA is not liable for damages that may be caused to the aircraft, the employees and staff of THE CLIENT, for any accident, incident or emergency that may occur. THE CLIENT by means of the present order of service exonerates IEA of all liability arising from the provision of the contracted service.

18. THE CLIENT won’t make any kind of claim to IEA and will keep it harmless against any claim, lawsuit, legal action and costs that may arise or be cause of:
(i) Any conduct deployed by IEA, their officials and or employees, in development of the present contract that may produce damage or lose of the goods or assets property of THE CLIENT, officials, employees, crew, third parties or passengers, or those goods or assets under their control, custody, supervision or operation, unless that such conduct is the result of willful misconduct or minor fault.
(ii) Damages, delays, injuries, death or damages produced to a third partie passenger, any member of the assigned crew to the aircrafts, employee and or official of THE CLIENT, for the services covered by this contract.

19. DATA PROCESSING. The Parties mutually authorize each other to incorporate their data in their respective databases and exercise processing according to Data Processing Policies that each party has stablished. The Parties declare with the subscription of the present document knowing and accepting those policies, the data will have the objective to strengthen our commercial relations, comply with the obligations under the celebration of this contract, inform about new requirements, conclude agreements with thirds parties, evaluate the levels of the received service, perform the control and accountable registration processes of the acquired obligations, conduct safety studies, carry out various formalities and inform the different authorities required for the provision of the services, as are the Aeronautical Authority, the Customs Authority and the Migratory Authority in Colombia and in the exterior; performs safety tests and controls, comply with the fiscal, accountable, commercial, tax, procedural standards and with the provisions of the governmental and regulatory agencies; exercise control over payments for the provided services, and consulting, auditing, simulating and revisions arising of our commercial relation. Additionally, The Parties mutually authorize each other to consult their data in the restrictive lists binding on Colombia that register the records of Laundering of Assets and Financing of Terrorism.

19.1. IEA informs that the performing of the data processing could include the processing of sensible data, which THE CLIENT is aware of and authorizes. With the signing of the present contract THE CLIENT informs that he’s aware of and accepts, declares and guarantees that he knows and has made known its shareholders, employees, officials and guests the policies of data processing of IEA and the purpose of the data processing here described, and that these people accept these policies, declare their knowledge and authorize the processing of their personal data when they voluntarily visit the IEA facilities or enjoy their services.

19.2. The IEA´s data processing policies can be found on the website www.interejecutiva.com, any consult, clarification, rectification or request concerning the personal data processing and corresponding to the exercise of the rights of the holder of personal data can be made via e-mail: _protecciondedatos@interejecutiva.com

The acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in the present Order of Service, either written, electronically and or via e-mail by an authorized representant of THE CLIENT including the Aircraft pilot, will be understood as an valid acceptance for all purposes, according to the stablished in the Colombian Law (Ley 527 de 1999) regarding the Electronical Commerce standards.

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